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Tenant area

Looking after our tenants needs

Pay your Rent

There are various ways to pay your rent; a Housing Officer will discuss the available options with you when you commence your Tenancy.

Payment Methods

Rental Payment Swipe Card (All Pay)

Rental Payment Swipe Card (All Pay)

This card enables you to make payments at any Post Office or retail outlets displaying Pay Point or Pay Zone signs

Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Payable weekly, fortnightly or on a calendar month basis, your Housing Officer will assist you with completing the necessary paperwork 

Two weeks rent are payable in advance upon commencement of your Tenancy. You will be issued with quarterly rent statements showing all charges and payments to your account. 

Assistance with Paying Your Rent

You may be eligible for help to pay your rent in the form of three different available benefits;


  • Housing Benefit is means tested and can be paid directly to the landlord or tenant
  • Rates Relief is means tested payable to the landlord only
  • Lone Pensioner Allowance -a non-means tested benefit paid for tenants aged 70 or over and living alone

You should not delay your application for housing benefit as it may not be back dated. If you are entitled to receive Housing Benefit and rent one of our sheltered properties, you will automatically qualify to receive funding from Supporting People, payable directly to Alpha Housing.